Strategic location in the heart of the Netherlands

CCT is located in the port of Moerdijk, 3.5 hours sailing from the North Sea. The shortsea terminal is accessible for seagoing vessels with draughts of up to 9 metres in all circumstances.

Hub for Europe

The strategic situation halfway between Rotterdam and Antwerp also makes CCT an ideal hub for transport to and from the European hinterland. From both mainports, inland barges transport the cargo congestion-free to CCT as a trimodal inland terminal (and vice versa).  From here, the European market can be reached in an optimum manner: by inland barge, by train and by truck, but also by sea via shortsea shipping.

All European destinations are within easy reach: Amsterdam 110 km, Brussels 125 km, Paris 415 km, Frankfurt 420 km, Basel 650 km, Munich 790 km, etc.